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The Insider Threat Alliance (ITA), a 501c(3) nonprofit organization, was created to form a non-partisan forum dedicated solely to advancing the federal government and private sector’s capabilities to prevent, detect and mitigate insider threats.

ITA is a  catalyst for collaboration that brings together stakeholders in insider threat programs across the government, private sectors (from retail, utilities, banking, pharma, tech, etc...) and academia : from organizations with robust InT programs or solutions to those seeking information on how to stand-up their respective programs.

It is open to any member of these organizations that is a U.S. citizen; excluding press or any reporting organization.



ITA believes in the value of face to face meetings that inspire collaboration, information sharing and brainstorming. We also recognize the power of the digital platform. To this end, ITA provides it's members structured, in person forums, task forces and Symposia in NYC and the D.C. metro area, and hosts an active, content rich online website for members only, with membership directories for networking, discussions forums and resources. To learn more about how you may get involved, click the brochure to your left or visit our membership page.


Thematic Pillars

Efforts of the Alliance are organized around a set of thematic pillars. These areas of focus will evolve over time as we  gather input and feedback from our members on the most pressing challenges that would benefit from the Alliance's collaborative capabilities.

  • Legal / HR: Policy and Privacy
  • Technology 
  • Program Management: communications, training, and structure
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From National Counterintelligence & Security Center: a training to address a variety of insider threat matters such as leaks, spills, espionage, sabotage, and targeted violence.

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ITA thanks Charter Sponsors, TransUnion and Thompson Reuters Special Services, LLC for their  support and shared mission to help prevent, detect and mitigate insider threats for the entire Nation. Learn how your organization can participate. 


March 5, 2019 Washington,D.C.

ITA hosts quarterly 1/2 forums, active task forces, and an annual 2 day Summit. Meetings occur in NYC and D.C. metro area. Join now to learn how you can participate.


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