Founding Board of Directors

Successful collaboration and relationships are built upon a firm grasp of the unique challenges, needs, and demands of each respective office, organization and official. ITA’s Founding Board of Directors will leverage our combined proven success and expertise in creating and hosting Summits and Symposia gained from our formation and management of the successful Defense Strategies Institute that focuses on bringing together various Government, Private Sector and Academic experts around precise topics of interest to the community. 

When combined with our professional understanding of the unique structures of DoD, IC, and the private sector, the outcome is an Alliance that is designed to meet precise, actionable outcomes including detailed milestones for insider threat programs, while providing efficient and effective face-to-face meetings and workshops that bring the entire communities together to exchange knowledge and develop industry standards to mitigate and combat insider threats.

Welcome to our Alliance,
Thomas Engelman, Monica Mckenzie, and Luis G. Hernandez
Value Proposition

ITA’s unique value proposition is in our strategic goal to bring together a diverse group of organizations from sectors such as financial services, pharmaceuticals, utilities, retailers, DoD, the IC, federal government agencies ,academia, and private sector companies that all have a shared and vested interest in combating insider threat.
   As the neutral voice that is not guided by the particular agenda of any given agent, we are able to reach across all departments of government, the private sector and academia in a fair and balanced manner and bring together the relevant representatives.
   By bringing all these sectors and organizations together, we form a holistic partnership that can reduce the impact of insider threat to US National Security and the private sector industry as a whole.
The key to creating a successful Alliance lies not only in the ability to provide actionable guidance and milestones that are time relevant and on par with the specified goals of the group, but to bridge barriers in communication between all the varying actors. With hundreds of organizations across these varying sectors operating in tandem, under varying complex organizational structures, ITA will serve as the singular “location” where these organizations can collaborate with each other in an efficient and trusted manner.

Board of Advisors

ITA's Board of Advisors  is made up of former and current  government officials, private sector and academic members. Their role is dedicated purely to providing us guidance and leadership expertise on current challenges and needs facing the insider threat community in their personal capacity.

Each Member offers the Alliance a unique skill set that will help strengthen the overall foundation of our thematic pillars.  ITA is grateful to our Board for their time and efforts. Several Members include:


Mr. Mark Kelton

Mr. Kelton  served as a senior Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) executive with 34 years of experience in intelligence operations. He concluded his career as Deputy Director of the National Clandestine Service for Counterintelligence (DDNCS/CI), one of the most senior ranking positions in the Clandestine Service. Directing CIA’s counterintelligence and counterespionage programs, Mr. Kelton led the team that protected the nation’s most closely guarded secrets...

Amy Apostol

Ms. Amy Apostol

Ms. Apostol is an attorney for the federal government.  Over the past several years, she has worked on the cutting edge of complex legal issues that are shaping the law around national security and information technology, including large-scale cybersecurity litigation. She has supported operational clients in areas such as personnel security and insider threat, policy, compliance, data sharing, and privacy, 


Larisa Ivy

Ms. Larisa Ivy

Ms. Ivy currently serves as the Senior Director, Insider Trust, Walmart Corporation. Ms. Ivy has been with Walmart for well over 14 years under various positions including, Director - Facility Security & Safety, Asset Protection; Sr. Director - Global Investigations; VP-Global Investigations – Asia and Sr. Director, Security and Risk. Her education background is in the field of criminal justice.

Michael Braun

Mr. Michael Braun

Mr. Braun held a 33 year career in law enforcement, retiring as the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s (DEA) longest serving Chief of Operations. Mr. Braun was responsible for leading the worldwide drug enforcement operations of the agency’s 227 domestic and 86 foreign offices, as well as the Special Operations Division, the Aviation Division, the Office of Financial Operations, the Office of Operational Support and the Office of Diversion Control...

Shawn Thompson

Mr. Shawn Thompson, Esq.

Mr. Thompson possesses nearly 20 years’ experience investigating, prosecuting, and managing insider threats and cyber intrusions. He is the former Insider Threat Program Manager, DoD; Chairman, ODNI Insider Threat Mission Group; Senior Advisor, National Insider Threat Task Force; Senior Special Agent, DoD; Senior Litigation Attorney, DoD; Assistant General Counsel, FBI; Special Assistant United States Attorney, US DOJ; Intelligence Briefer, former FBI Director Robert Mueller; Strategic Intelligence Analyst, FBI...

Michael Hudson

Mr. Michael Hudson

Mr. Hudson retired at the rank of Colonel from the U.S. Marine Corps in 2014. Prior to his retirement, Mr. Hudson was the former Commanding Officer, 11th MEU (Marine Expeditionary Unit),  the former Director, Joint Operations Center, US Pacific Command, Commanding Officer, HMM-364, and as an Intelligence Officer; Future Operations Concepts, Naval Warfare Development Command…